Properties of PIR

PIR foam (Polyisocyanurate) is a highly heat-resistant material due to its chemical structure resembling a ring. which enables it to withstand heat and resist flames. This property allows the fire to stop and extinguish itself when ignited. Additionally, PIR insulationhas low smoke generation, making it an preferred choice for industrial. its efficient fire resistance and lightweight nature help reduce the structural load within buildings.

Exploring PIR Sandwich Panels: Properties, Applications, and Advantages

When it comes to efficient insulation solutions in the construction industry, PIR sandwich panels have been making waves. PIR, or Polyisocyanurate, sandwich panels are a popular choice due to their remarkable thermal insulation properties, versatility, and numerous advantages over traditional insulation materials like PU foam, rockwool, and PS (Polystyrene). In this article, we'll delve into the world of PIR sandwich panels, exploring their general information, applications, and the compelling reasons behind their growing popularity.

Understanding PIR Sandwich Panels

PIR sandwich panels are composite building materials constructed by sandwiching a core of polyisocyanurate foam between two layers of metal sheet (PPGI or PPGL) or other suitable facings. This core material, polyisocyanurate foam, is known for its exceptional thermal insulation properties. It's formed by combining isocyanates and polyols, resulting in a rigid foam with a closed-cell structure.

Applications of PIR Sandwich Panels

Applications of PIR Sandwich Panels
PIR sandwich panels find applications across various industries and construction types due to their versatile nature. Here are some common applications:

1. Building Envelopes: PIR sandwich panels are widely used in constructing energyefficient building envelopes. They provide superior thermal insulation, which helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while reducing energy consumption.
2. Cold Storage: PIR panels are ideal for cold storage facilities, such as warehouses and refrigerated trucks, where temperature control is critical. Their high thermal resistance ensures that perishable goods remain fresh.
3. Industrial Structures: These panels are commonly used in industrial structures, including factories and manufacturing units, to create temperature-controlled environments and meet stringent insulation requirements.
4. Roofing and Cladding: PIR sandwich panels are a popular choice for roofing and cladding due to their lightweight yet robust structure. They offer excellent weather resistance and durability.
5. Warehouses: Warehouses benefit from PIR sandwich panels for insulation to maintain consistent internal temperatures and energy efficiency, crucial for storing various products.


Advantages of PIR Sandwich Panels Over Other Insulation Materials

PIR sandwich panels hold several advantages over other insulation materials:

1. Superior Insulation: PIR panels have one of the highest R-values (thermal resistance) among insulation materials, providing exceptional thermal performance.
2. Lightweight: They are significantly lighter than traditional materials like rockwool or concrete, making them easier to handle and install.
3. Space Efficiency: PIR panels are thin yet highly effective, saving valuable interior space compared to bulkier insulation options.
4. Fire Resistance: PIR panels are inherently fire-resistant, offering enhanced safety in construction.
5. Minimal Moisture Absorption: They resist moisture absorption, preventing mold and maintaining their insulation properties over time.
6. Longevity: PIR sandwich panels are known for their durability, ensuring a long lifespan for the structures they are used in.

Comparative advantages over other insulation materials. Here's table highlighting these advantages:


In conclusion, PIR sandwich panels have revolutionized insulation solutions in construction and various industries. Their exceptional thermal insulation properties, versatility, and numerous advantages make them a top choice for builders and architects. Whether you're constructing a warehouse, cold storage facility, or industrial structure, PIR sandwich panels offer energy efficiency and durability. When seeking insulation that combines space-saving features with top-notch performance, PIR sandwich panels stand out as a modern and effective solution. 

For more information on PIR sandwich panels or to explore their applications in your specific project, don't hesitate to contact Square Panel System. Our experts are here to assist you in making informed decisions for your insulation needs.

Test Details according to EN 13823:2020 Standard

Sample sandwich panel before starting testing.
Sandwich panel samples were burned for 10 minutes.
Sandwich panel samples after testing It will be found that the burning point will not spread the fire. And quickly extinguished at the end of the experiment.